Monday, June 23, 2008

Delivering excellent service: Lessons from the best firms

Delivering excellent service: Lessons from the best firms
Robert C Ford, Cherrill P Heaton, Stephen W Brown.
California Management Review. Berkeley:
Fall 2001. Vol. 44, Iss. 1; pg. 39, 18 pgs

Many principles derived from the success of outstanding service organizations are now more applicable to non-services than ever before.

Lesson 1: Base Decisions on What the Customer Wants and Expects

Lesson 2: Think and Act in Terms of the Entire Customer Experience

Lesson 3: Continuously Improve All Parts of the Customer Experience

Lesson 4: Hire and Reward People Who Can Effectively Build Relationships with Customers

Lesson 5: Train Employees in How to Cope with Their Emotional Labor Costs

Lesson 6: Create and Sustain a Strong Service Culture

Lesson 7: Avoid Failing Your Customers Twice

Lesson 8: Empower Customers to Co-produce Their Own Experiences

Lesson 9: Get Managers to Lead from the Front, Not from the Top

Lesson 10: Treat All Customers as if They Were Guests

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