Monday, July 14, 2008

How Well-Run Boards Make Decisions


How Well-Run Boards Make Decisions.
By: Useem, Michael,
Harvard Business Review,
November 2006, Vol. 84, Issue 11

To ensure sufficient board and committee involvement in key decisions, some companies are creating fixed calendars of topics for review.

Some corporations spell out the types of decisions that the board, not management, should make.

Michael Useem ( is the William and Jacalyn Egan Professor at the University of Pennsylvania's Wharton School in Philadelphia and the director of its Center for Leadership and Change Management. He is also the author of The Go Point: When It's Time to Decide (Crown Business, 2006).

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Ramaswamy said...

Innovation is to management what invention is to technology. Secondly, just as necessity is the mother of all inventions, so also is a necessity required for forcing managers to innovate. Such a necessity could be created by the top management or by the market forces. The former leads to proactive innovation while the latter leads to reactive innovation. Other than these two causes, there is no way any manager will innovate, because the pressures of inertia and/or resistance to change in organizations is just too much to overcome.