Thursday, July 10, 2008

Marketing - HBR 2006


Are You Ready for E-tailing 2.0?
Paul Hemp
Forethought, October
Reprint F0610F

Avatar-Based Marketing
Paul Hemp
Reprint R0606B

A Case for Discount Discipline
Jim Geisman and John Maruskin
Forethought, November
Reprint F0611G

Customer Value Propositions in Business Markets
James C. Anderson, James A.
Narus, and Wouter van Rossum
Reprint R0603F ♦ OnPoint 3544

Defeating Feature Fatigue
Roland T. Rust, Debora Viana
Thompson, and Rebecca W.
Reprint R0602E ♦ OnPoint 3439;
OnPoint collection "Make Sure
All Your Products Are Profitable,
2nd Edition" 3447

Do Customer Communities Pay Off?
René Algesheimer and
Paul M. Dholakia
Forethought, November
Reprint F0611E

Taking the Measure of Mood
Patrick O'Connell
Forethought, March
Reprint F0603F

What Is Luxury Without Variety?
Milton Pedraza and
Eric Bonabeau
Forethought, April
Reprint F0604D

Your Loyalty Program Is Betraying You
Joseph C. Nunes and Xavier
Reprint R0604H ♦ OnPoint 4095

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