Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Human Integration, Organizational Integragtion

Integration Management of Western Acquisitions in Japan
Fabian J Froese, Leif E Goeritz. Asian Business & Management. Houndmills: Mar 2007. Vol. 6, Iss. 1;

In addition, employee resistance -- in other words, failed human integration -- can be seen as the main reason why organizational integration was not achieved. Unlike Birkinshaw et al. (2000) and Buono and Bowditch (1989), the findings of this study indicate that human integration is a prerequisite for organizational integration. Without human integration, only limited organizational integration can be achieved. Organizational and human integration cannot be separated from each other in an Asian context. Scholars have frequently noted that building trust and relationships is of the utmost importance when engaging in business with Asian counterparts (eg Oikawa and Tanner, 1992; Cullen et al. , 1996). Business and human relations might be separate in a Western context, as implicitly stated by Birkinshaw et al. (2000), but in an Asian context these concepts seem to be strongly interwoven.


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