Thursday, July 10, 2008

Risk Management HBR 2006

Risk Management

Cutting the Cost of HIV
Mergen Reddy and
Boetie Swanepoel
Forethought, September
Reprint F0609B

Hedging Political Risk in China
Ian Bremmer and Fareed Zakaria
Forethought, November
Reprint F0611A

Living Agreements for a Risky World
Ryan J. Orr
Forethought, April
Reprint F0604C

Preparing for a Pandemic
Jeffrey Staples, Scott F. Dowell,
Joseph S. Bresee, Nitin Nohria,
Warren G. Bennis, Baruch
Fischhoff, Larry Brilliant, Peter
Susser, Sherry Cooper, William
MacGowan (a conversation
with), Wendy Dobson, and
Brian R. Golden
Forethought, May
Reprint F0605A

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