Thursday, July 10, 2008

Human Resources - HBR 2006

Human Resources

The Great Intimidators
Roderick M. Kramer
Reprint R0602D

HBR Case Study: Old Hand or New Blood?
Frank V. Cespedes
With commentary by Alston Gardner,
Steve Kerr, Randall D. Kelley, and
Andrea L. Dixon
Reprint R0607A, Reprint Case
only R0607X, Reprint
Commentary only R0607Z

HBR Case Study: The Reign of Zero Tolerance
Ben Gerson
With commentary by Janet Parker,
Eugene Volokh, Jean Halloran, and
Michael G. Cherkasky
Reprint R0611A, Reprint Case
only R0611X, Reprint
Commentary only R0611Z

The High Cost of Cheap Chinese Labor
Paul W. Beamish
Forethought, June
Reprint F0606D

High Fidelity
A conversation with Ivor Tiefenbrun
Gardiner Morse
Forethought, November
Reprint F0611F

How to Fix HR
Gary Kaufman
Forethought, September
Reprint F0609H

How to Keep A Players Productive
Steven Berglas
Reprint R0609F

Interest Doesn't Always Compound
Marc Abrahams
Forethought, December
Reprint F0612B

Leadership Run Amok: The Destructive Potential of Overachievers
Scott W. Spreier, Mary H.
Fontaine, and Ruth L. Malloy
Reprint R0606D ♦ OnPoint 4486;
OnPoint collection "Power:
The Good, the Bad, and the
Ugly" 4524

Managing Middlescence
Robert Morison, Tamara
Erickson, and Ken Dychtwald
Reprint R0603E ♦ OnPoint 3536

Sleep Deficit: The Performance Killer
A conversation with Harvard Medical
School professor Charles A. Czeisler
Bronwyn Fryer
Reprint R0610B

Tapping a Risky Labor Pool
Brian Ballou and Dan L. Heitger
Forethought, December
Reprint F0612H

What Men Think They Know About Executive Women
Dawn S. Carlson, K. Michele
Kacmar, and Dwayne Whitten
Forethought, September
Reprint F0609F

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