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Sales - HBR Articles - 2006


Better Sales Networks
Tuba Üstüner and David Godes
Reprint R0607H

Give Me That Old-Time Motivation
Walter A. Friedman
Forethought, July–August
Reprint F0607E

How Right Should the Customer Be?
Erin Anderson and
Vincent Onyemah
Reprint R0607D ♦ OnPoint 1001;
OnPoint collection "Supercharge
Your Sales Force" 1005

Leveraging the Psychology of the Salesperson
A conversation with psychologist and
anthropologist G. Clotaire Rapaille
Diane Coutu
Reprint R0607B

Love Your Customers
A conversation with Joe Girard
M. Ellen Peebles
Forethought, July-August
Reprint F0607F

Low-Pressure Selling
Edward C. Bursk
Originally published in 1947
Reprint R0607M

Major Sales: Who Really Does the Buying?
Thomas V. Bonoma
Originally published in 1982
R0607P ♦ OnPoint 1004

Making the Major Sale
Benson P. Shapiro and
Ronald S. Posner
Originally published in 1976
Reprint R0607L

Match Your Sales Force Structure to Your Business Life Cycle
Andris A. Zoltners, Prabhakant
Sinha, and Sally E. Lorimer
Reprint R0607F

The New Science of Sales Force Productivity
Dianne Ledingham, Mark Kovac,
and Heidi Locke Simon
Reprint R0609H

The Sales Learning Curve
Mark Leslie and
Charles A. Holloway
Reprint R0607J ♦ OnPoint 1003;
OnPoint collection "Get Your
Innovations to Market - and
Keep Them There" 1006

Sales Reps' Biggest Mistakes
Tom Atkinson and Ron Koprowski
Forethought, July–August
Reprint F0607C

Selling the Sales Force on Automation
Mark Cotteleer, Edward
Inderrieden, and Felissa Lee
Forethought, July-August
Reprint F0607B

Understanding What Your Sales Manager Is Up Against
Barry Trailer and Jim Dickie
Reprint R0607C

What Makes a Good Salesman
David Mayer and
Herbert M. Greenberg
Originally published in 1964
Reprint R0607N

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