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By: Levitt, Theodore,
Harvard Business Review,
October 2006, Vol. 84, Issue 10


Levitt carried his practical approach to his tenure as Harvard Business Review’s eighth chief editor, from 1985 to 1989. He was at the same time one of HBR’s most intellectual and most populist editors. He understood that the magazine’s main purpose was to serve as a kind of sophisticated translation, clarifying authors’ raw-–and sometimes rough-–ideas for impatient, time-pressed readers. In both his writing and his editing, he epitomized HBR’s standard of tireless practical engagement with ideas.

Advertising: "The Poetry of Becoming"
March–April 1993

The Case of the Migrating Markets
July–August 1990

After the Sale Is Over…
September–October 1983

The Globalization of Markets
May–June 1983

Marketing Intangible Products and Product Intangibles
May–June 1981

Marketing Success Through Differentiation--of Anything
January–February 1980

Marketing When Things Change
November–December 1977

The Industrialization of Service
September–October 1976

Dinosaurs Among the Bears and Bulls
January–February 1975

Marketing Tactics in a Time of Shortages
November–December 1974

The Managerial Merry-Go-Round
July–August 1974

Production-Line Approach to Service
September-–October 1972

The Morality (?) of Advertising
July-–August 1970

The New Markets--Think Before You Leap
May–June 1969

Why Business Always Loses
March–April 1968

The Johnson Treatment
January-–February 1967

Innovative Imitation
September–October 1966

Branding on Trial
March-–April 1966

Exploit the Product Life Cycle
November–December 1965

When Science Supplants Technology…
July–August 1963

Creativity Is Not Enough
May–June 1963,
republished August 2002

M-R Snake Dance
November–December 1960

Marketing Myopia
July–August 1960, republished
September–October 1975 and July–August 2004

Cold-War Thaw
January–February 1960

The Dangers of Social Responsibility
September–October 1958

The Changing Character of Capitalism
July–August 1956

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