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Strategy and Competition HBR 2006

Strategy and Competition

Can Science Be a Business? Lessons from Biotech
Gary P. Pisano
Reprint R0610H

Capturing the Ricochet Economy
Vijay Mahajan and
Yoram (Jerry) Wind
Forethought, November
Reprint F0611D

Competing on Analytics
Thomas H. Davenport
Reprint R0601H ♦ OnPoint 3005;
OnPoint collection "To Make the
Best Decisions, Demand the Best
Data" 3048

Curveball: Strategies to Fool the Competition
George Stalk, Jr.
Reprint R0609G ♦ OnPoint 1055;
OnPoint collection "Hardball
Strategies, 2nd Edition" 1050

Emerging Giants: Building World-Class Companies in Developing Countries
Tarun Khanna and
Krishna G. Palepu
Reprint R0610C ♦ OnPoint 1459;
OnPoint collection "Winning
in the World's Emerging
Markets" 1455

Growing by Cutting SKUs at Clorox
Remko Van Hoek and
Kevin Pegels
Forethought, April
Reprint F0604E

The HBR Interview: Growth as a Process
Jeffrey R. Immelt
Interviewed by Thomas A. Stewart
Reprint R0606C

The High Cost of Low Wages
Wayne F. Cascio
Forethought, December
Reprint F0612D

How to Implement a New Strategy Without Disrupting Your Organization
Robert S. Kaplan and
David P. Norton
Reprint R0603G

Inside the Mind of the Chinese Consumer
William McEwen, Xiaoguang
Fang, Chuanping Zhang, and
Richard Burkholder
Reprint R0603D ♦ OnPoint 3528;
OnPoint collection "China
Tomorrow: Prospects and Perils,
2nd Edition" 3552

Localization: The Revolution in Consumer Markets
Darrell K. Rigby and
Vijay Vishwanath
Reprint R0604E ♦ OnPoint 4109

Managing the Right Tension
Dominic Dodd and Ken Favaro
Reprint R0612C

Meeting the Challenge of Corporate Entrepreneurship
David A. Garvin and
Lynne C. Levesque
Reprint R0610G ♦ OnPoint 1462;
OnPoint collection "Building
Breakthrough Businesses in
Established Companies,
2nd Edition" 1456

Profiting from the Long Tail
Daniel G. Goldstein and
Dominique C. Goldstein
Forethought, June
Reprint F0606G

Stop Making Plans; Start Making Decisions
Michael C. Mankins and
Richard Steele
Reprint R0601F ♦ OnPoint 2971;
OnPoint collection "What Makes
a Decisive Leadership Team,
2nd Edition" 3056

Strategies for Two-Sided Markets
Thomas Eisenmann,
Geoffrey Parker, and
Marshall W. Van Alstyne
Reprint R0610F ♦ OnPoint 1463

Strategies to Fight Low-Cost Rivals
Nirmalya Kumar
Reprint R0612F ♦ OnPoint 1684

Strategy and Society: The Link Between Competitive Advantage and Corporate Social Responsibility
Michael E. Porter and
Mark R. Kramer
Reprint R0612D

The Top-Line Allure of Offshoring
Arie Y. Lewin and Carine Peeters
Forethought, March
Reprint F0603C

When Your Contract Manufacturer Becomes Your Competitor
Benito Arruñada and
Xosé H. Vázquez
Reprint R0609J

With Friends Like These: The Art of Managing Complementors
David B. Yoffie and Mary Kwak
Reprint R0609E ♦ OnPoint 1085;
OnPoint collection "Don't
Innovate Alone" 1049

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