Monday, July 7, 2008

Breakthrough Ideas for 2007 - HBR List

Breakthrough Ideas for 2007

1 The Accidental Influentials*
Duncan J. Watts

2 Entrepreneurial Japan
Yoshito Hori

3 Brand Magic: Harry Potter Marketing
Frédéric Dalsace et al.

4 Algorithms in the Attic
Michael Schrage

5 The Leader from Hope
Harry Hutson and Barbara Perry

6 An Emerging Hotbed of User-Centered Innovation*
Eric von Hippel

7 Living with Continuous Partial Attention
Linda Stone

8 Borrowing from the PE Playbook
Michael C. Mankins

9 When to Sleep on It
Ap Dijksterhuis

10 Here Comes XBRL
Robert G. Eccles et al.

11 Innovation and Growth: Size Matters*
Geoffrey B. West

12 Conflicted Consumers
Karen Fraser

13 What Sells When Father Knows Best
Phillip Longman

14 Business in the Nanocosm
Rashi Glazer

15 Act Globally, Think Locally*
Yoko Ishikura

16 Seeing Is Treating
Klaus Kleinfeld and Erich Reinhardt

17 The Best Networks Are Really Worknets*
Christopher Meyer

18 Why U.S. Health Care Costs Aren't Too High
Charles R. Morris

19 In Defense of "Ready, Fire, Aim"
Clay Shirky

20 The Folly of Accountabalism
David Weinberger

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