Monday, July 7, 2008

Customer Experience Management

By: Meyer, Christopher, Schwager, Andre,
Harvard Business Review,
Feb 2007, Vol. 85, Issue 2

Customer Experience Management (CEM)
What: Captures and distributes what a customer thinks about a company

When: At points of customer interaction: "touch points"

How Monitored: Surveys, targeted studies, observational studies, "voice of customer" Research

Who Uses the Information: Business or functional leaders, in order to create fulfillable expectations and better experiences with products and services

Relevance to Future Performance: Leading: Locates places to add offerings in the gaps between expectations and experience

Christopher Meyer ( is the chairman of Strategic Alignment Group, a consultancy based in Portola Valley, California, that specializes in innovation and time-based competition. He is the author of Fast Cycle Time (Free Press, 1993). Andre Schwager ( is a former president of Seagate Enterprise Management Software and a founder of Satmetrix Systems, a customer experience software company based in Foster City, California.

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