Thursday, July 10, 2008

Leadership Journey

1. First show up: Be present at all times. Listening deeply to others and considering their perspective is important. If you have to be a leader others have to join you.

2.Second, speak up: Speak from your heart and create a vision story that offers a script of positive future as well as everyone's potential role in it.

3. Third step up: be an action hero. Don't get frightened by fear of failure. Not getting the result you thought you would get from an action is tolerable. But the action might be best learning tool on the planet. Remember it's okay to fail, but always fail forward (fail in going forward).

4. Finally, Serve up: Be of service at all times. Honor everyone's individuality.

Robert H Thompson

Author of Offsite: A Leadership Challenge Fable

Article Published in Corporate Dossier, 11th July 2008, "Never Ending Story"

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