Tuesday, July 1, 2008

What is 6S Workplace for Administrative Areas?

What is 6S Workplace for Administrative Areas?

6S for the Office is a systematic approach to improving office organization, ordering, cleanliness, and standardization while simultaneously improving office efficiency and reducing lead times.

The 6S System for Administrative Areas includes the following activities:

Safety - identifying and eliminating unsafe conditions

Sorting - evaluating the need for items currently located within the targeted area and removing unnecessary items

Setting in Order - arranging the necessary items in the most logical and most efficient configuration. Also encompasses setting inventory limits, making location indicators, establishing reorder points, etc.

Shine - cleaning everything in the selected area and using cleaning to ensure office equipment and area cleanliness are maintained

Standardization - creating uniformity in the way work within the targeted area is performed and incorporating the first three S's into everyone's daily routines by creating visual displays, checklists and processing controls.

Sustainment - creating accountability for the preservation and continuance of the 6S System through self-discipline, training, communication and total employee involvement.

Needs & Benefits: 6S System learning and implementation is ideal for businesses that are experiencing:

employees spending too much time locating files, documents or supplies

customers placed on hold and waiting while the Customer Service Rep searches for information

misplaced or lost orders, quotes and other documents due to an unorganized office environment
reduced server space due to obsolete electronic files
employees searching for supplies and materials due to poorly organized and maintained supply area

unsafe work conditions - extension cords without safety covers, improperly marked door signs, trip hazards, etc.

lack of a feeling of ownership and responsibility among employees for the upkeep and appearance of the area in which they work


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