Tuesday, July 1, 2008

What is Five S?

The Five S program focuses on having visual order, organization, cleanliness and standardization.

The results you can expect from a Five S program are: improved profitability, efficiency, service and safety.

The principles underlying a Five S program at first appear to be simple, obvious common sense. And they are. But until the advent of Five S programs many businesses ignored these basic principles.

What types of businesses benefit from a Five S program?
Everyone and all types of business benefit from having a Five S program.

Manufacturing and industrial plants come to mind first, as those are the business that can realize the greatest benefits. However, any type of business, from a retail store to a power plant -- from hospitals to television stations -- all types of businesses, and all areas within a business, will realize benefits from implementing a Five S program.

What are the Five S's?

Sort - the first step in making things cleaned up and organized

Set In Order - organize, identify and arrange everything in a work area

Shine - regular cleaning and maintenance

Standardize - make it easy to maintain - simplify and standardize

Sustain -maintaining what has been accomplished

Steve Hudgik

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